Wax Slab Crusher


Automatic Wax Slab Crusher:

This product is used to make fine / coarse, flakes and granules of wax slab of any size with minimum power consumption. It has been designed to convert wax into fine particles in least time.

We have some other products related to wax rolls

Work Area wax roll concept

For the last few decades we have been making machines for :

  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Aluminum Conductor & Sheets
  • All kinds of Air Blowers
  • Cement Plants
  • Automobile Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Ball Bearing Industry
  • Hydraulics
  • Hand Tools
  • All kind of Steel Fabrications
  • Furnaces and Burners
  • Wax Roll Machines
  • Candle Machines
  • Wax Slab Crusher

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