Wax Roll Making Machine


We have tow types of wex roll making machines with Accessories

Fully Automatic Wax Roll Making Machine:

This machine is capable of making wax rolls in least time as it has water jacketed moulds that gives fast and controlled cooling to the rolls. All the moulds have a mirror finish to give best results. All the operations are controlled pneumatically to make the machine. Highly reliable and requires minimum human efforts.
We make machine machines of capacity starting from 200 was rolls to 1000 wax rolls at one time. Also the machine can be made to make different wax rolls at one time. i.e. half of the machine making wax rolls (a) and half making wax rolls (b) or this combination can be defined by the user as per his requirements.

Semi Automatic Machine:

This machine also have all the basic features of fully automatic machine, i.e. water jacketed moulds, size control mechanism, different combinations. But all the operations are carried manually.
There is no difference in the quality of wax rolls.


We also make accessories to enhance the physical quality of Wax Rolls.
  • Wax Roll Scalping Machine
  • Wax Roll Chamfering / Facing Machine
  • Wax Roll Buffing Machine

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We have some Other products related to wax rolls :

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