Yarn Waxing


Waxing reduces the hairiness of the yarn and improves the appearance of the fabric and due to uniform wax coating on the yarn co-efficient of friction is reduced considerably between yarn to metal & yarn to yarn during production. The various types of wax rolls can be distinguished by three main properties i.e. structure, melting point and penetration.

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A bit About Tolaram


We have been designing and making machine since last 45 years. This experience of ours helps us to make machine to give maximum results. No matter how complex the operation is, our infrastructure that is fully equipped with all the machines required to make reliable and long lasting machines. Consisting of all the basic machinery to the new CNC Machines we are equipped with knowledgeable engineers to give best results.

For the last few decades we have been making machines for:
  • Iron & Steel Industry.
  • Aluminum Conductor & Sheets.
  • All kinds of Air Blowers.
  • More...

ProductsOur Products

wex machine

Wax Roll Making Machine: This machine is capable of making wax rolls in least time as it has water jacketed moulds that gives fast and controlled cooling to the rolls.

candle machine

Candle Machine : Fully / Semi automatic Candle making machine for all sizes.

slab crusher

Wax Slab Crusher : It has been designed to convert wax into fine particles in least time.